A pragmatic, impulsive and creative guy from Campania and a competitive, rational and visionary woman from Puglia. Two different personalities intertwined by shared interests, goals and desires!

Wave Hunters is the fusion of what we are and what we love to do in one solution.

As a child, Francesco used to come to Sardinia during the summer and inherited his passion from his parents, both experienced with windsurf and multihulls and founders of the first shop specialized in watersports in the South of Italy. Making this passion his own from the start – and choosing places where he was sure to find enough wind as his working locations! – Francesco, after roaming for a long time, begins to practice kitesurfing, gains a IKO teaching certificate and works as an instructor for few years.

Roberta arrives in Sardinia for the first time at 14, with her family, and here discovers windsurfing. Back in Puglia she has a first approach with this sport and, from then on, it’s an unstoppable escalation, thanks also to the encounter with a super guide who teaches her to be a seaman, then a sailor, and ultimately an instructor herself. She becomes a FIV instructor and, after few years as regatta participant and co-trainer, returns to Sardinia in pursuit of wind, hours of flying on a board and new ideas.

The destination of choice for both of us is Porto Pollo, and of course we met on a spot!

Wave Hunters was born from the union of our experiences as travellers, our passion for teaching and the magnetism of this land.

Our mission is to offer ‘tailor-made trips’, starting with the choice of the vehicle, then selecting the services of your interest so that everything is within a click – and you can really just take care of the luggage, and Sardinia – with the complicity of Wave Hunters! – will do the rest.